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Mission Minimize
The mission of OSE is the following:
  • to render the railway the main means for the transfer of passengers and of transport of goods,
  • to maximize the social-economic effectiveness of the disposed resources for the supply of high quality services
  • to have an harmonious cooperation with the carriers of the economic, enterprising and social life of the country.
OSE is a modern Group of companies for the supply of services of railway transport which serves the whole society in its needs both for its transfer and the carriage of goods within and outside Greece. OSE serves the citizens embodying in its everyday practices the vision and the values it wishes to share with it, its staff and the economic community of the country.
The main values by which OSE is animated are the Consequence, the Honesty, the Meritocracy, the Integrity, the Transparence and the Quality.

These values are expressed:
  • In the supply of high quality transport services with social sensitiveness and respect for the citizen.
  • In its contribution to the continuous protection of the natural environment.
  • In the management of the economic and material resources which the State trusts it, with discretion and transparency.
  • In the creation of a friendly and creative working environment where the employees of the railway transports develop their possibilities, under a regime of equal opportunities and meritocratic development without discriminations and prejudices.
  • In its cooperation with all the transport carriers and managers of the other transport infrastructures, so that maximum effectiveness of the national transport system and of the European networks can be secured.
  • In the utilization of the technological developments, especially in issues of railway infrastructure, environment, communication and informatics, aspiring to the achievement of the credibility, the availability and the security.
  • In the adoption of high standards of quality, ethics and moral behaviour.
  • In the contribution of OSE to the regional development.



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