The old railway station is one of the many beautiful sites in the city.
Until the early 18th century, this area, located outside the city walls, was flooded by the sea. Around 1720, during the second Turkish occupation of Nafplion, the Turks changed the landscape using silting and by decorating it with blooming gardens and "goldeb kiosks" meant for the Turkish Aghas.
In 1884, the area was chosen for the city's railway station. The following year, the station buildings were constructed and regular services to Athens began in 1886. The Nafplion railway line operated until 1963. Thirty years later, in 1993, the line was reopened, but Nafplio RS was relocated next to the port.
Today, the site of the old railway station operates as a recreation area with flower beds, old trains and a refreshment bar.
"Constantinos Nonis" Municipal Conservatory
The building of the old railway station now houses the "Constantinos Nonis" Nafplion Municipal Conservatory, which significantly contributes to the city's artistic life.
"Station" Children's Museum
In another building, the former warehouse of the Station, the Peloponnese Folklore Foundation has founded a children's museum, its relate to birth, baptism, school, games and toys, figures from puppet shows and "Karagiozis". At the same time, it operates as a place of innovative educational programs.
At the entrance of the museum there is an original toy-sculpture, "Plaggona" ("doll" in ancient Greek), by the sculptor Maria Loizidou. The sculpture is based on ancient Greek and medieval models. The female figure symbolizes Mother-Goddess with one large watching and protecting eye.


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