OSE SA, recognizing the environmental aspects associated with its activities, considers the protection of the environment as one of its main current challenges.
Thus, it provides all the necessary resources in order to apply an Environmental Management System in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001: 2004.

As part of its environmental policy, OSE SA is committed to:
• Providing all the means necessary to fully comply with legal and other requirements governing its functioning
• Continuously identifying and assessing the environmental aspects of its activities
• Providing appropriate environmental training to its employees
• Aiming at the prevention of environmental pollution
• Focusing on the reduction of pollution at source and the conservation of natural resources
• Rational use of energy in all of its functions
• Periodically reviewing and revising environmental goals and objectives
• Continually improving both its environmental performance and the Environmental Management System itself
• Communicating the environmental policy to its employees, suppliers, customers, government agencies and the community in which it operates.

In particular, the specific objective environmental purposes are:
• Increasing the rate of coverage of electrified railway network, which is more environmental-friendly versus fossil fuels
• Optimal and rational management of the waste resulting from the activities of the Organization
• Minimizing pollution and environmental nuisances associated with the quality of the infrastructure, such as noise, vibrations, etc.
• Proper management and conservation of natural resources
• Reducing the Organization's Energy Environmental Footprint
This environmental policy of the Company is a commitment to the continuous efforts for improving environmental performance and avoiding any environmental impact.



President and CEO
Panagiotis Alk. Theofanopoulos

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