The history of the Greek railways begins with the Modern Greek state; in the last 40 years, it coincides with OSE SA.

OSE is a service provision company managing the National Railway Infrastructure, and carrying out its expansion through its subsidiary, ERGOSE SA.

OSE SA was founded in 1970 and is wholly owned by the Greek State; it is a public utility based in Athens and operates with full administrative, legal and financial independence under the supervision of the State.


• To develop modern infrastructure for railway transport services
• To promote the Greek national railway network as an essential part of trans-European networks, thus satisfying the needs of citizens and other stakeholders for fast, secure, convenient and economical passengers and freight transport
• To create conditions for further development of the network in order to serve national needs.


To provide services that:
• Enable the railway to become the main mode of transportation for passengers and freight
• Maximize the socio-economic efficiency of the available resources in order to provide high-quality railway transport services in the largest part of the country.
• To facilitate a harmonious cooperation between Greek financial, business and social agents.

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