OSE SA is a service provision company managing the National Railway Infrastructure, and carrying out its infrastructure development projects through its subsidiary, ERGOSE.

• To enable the railroad to become the main mode of transportation for passengers and freight.
• To maximize the socio-economic efficiency of the available resources in order to provide high-quality railway transport services in the largest part of the country.
• To facilitate a harmonious cooperation between Greek financialcial, business and social agents.

The central pillar of OSE SA's Policy is the continuous development and modernization of the National Railway Network while improving the Quality and Productivity Performance of the Organization, taking into account:
• The existing institutional framework
• The needs of railway companies, passengers and other bodies and stakeholders
• The technological achievements in railway transport and
• The rapid developments in the highly competitive transport market.

In particular, the specific goals of OSE SA are:
• Safety of the national railway system
• Continuous improvement of performance quality
• Optimization of productivity
• Higher customer satisfaction from the Organization (railway companies, passengers, industries, port organizations, operators who have or seek access to the network)
• Continuous staff training

To achieve all the above, OSE SA has installed, implements and continuously improves a Quality System which complies with the International Standard ISO 9001: 2008.

OSE SA Management believes that the Quality System is an essential way of strengthening its business position through:

• Continuous improvement of service quality
• Line Maintenance
• Maintenance of Electro-Mechanical and Electrification systems
• Traffic Management
• Network Development
• Operating cost reduction
• Efficient organization
• Better working environment.

The frame and the mechanism for establishing and reviewing quality objectives are set by the Management during the regular reviews of the system. The continuous improvement of quality performance and the prevention of errors/non-conformity require awareness and systematic control of each individual process.

The methodology used by the Organization to control processes requires:
• Clear definition of responsibilities for each process and working position
• Reliable measurement of the processes effectiveness
• Documentation of working methods (Procedures, Work Instructions, Specifications, etc.), where appropriate
• Systematic control of the national railway infrastructure and services quality
• Statistical analysis and utilization of primary data
• Preparation of programs to achieve objectives and targets
• Process for error recognition, avoiding their repetition (Corrective Actions), continuous improvement of operations at all levels of the Organization and creation of an error prevention framework.

The Organization Management is committed to the following:
• Documented continuous improvement of the Quality System effectiveness and
• Communicating objectives and targets to employees



President and CEO
Panagiotis Alk. Theofanopoulos

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